Texas Strategy Group’s approach is to understand our clients’ objectives, establish clear goals and performance measures for our work, and communicate early and often so our clients know and understand our advice and activities on their behalf. We are a full-service operation, blending the skill sets and relationships of our team members to work with you at every stage of the process.


Strategic Planning and Message Development

Everything starts with developing the right plan and right message to address your issues. We provide the advice and counsel that can only come from the experience of both winning and losing tough battles over many legislative sessions.

Advocacy Before the Legislative and Executive Branches

This is what we do best. Successful advocacy is the result of developing a thoughtful strategy, implementing that strategy with a disciplined message, and then delivering that message at the right time to the right people.

Collateral Materials

Our firm produces some of the best messaging materials used around the Texas Capitol. We have in-house graphic design capability, a high-quality commercial color printer and use the most up-to-date programs and technology to ensure your message stands out in a very crowded environment.

Legal Services

Chris Shields is a practicing attorney. Legal expertise is increasingly important in multiple areas of government affairs practice. In fact, our firm’s subject matter expertise in several areas has a strong legal underpinning. We also draft and analyze legislation, prepare testimony, and handle a broad range of other legal matters related to government affairs efforts.


Many times your issue or the good name of your company will provide you with access to key decision-makers – not the efforts of a lobbyist. We do, however, work to make access easier by having long and well-established relationships with key staff and elected officials.

Government Contracts Procurement

Texas state agencies award billions of dollars in state contracts each year. We work with companies even before RFP’s are issued to help ensure that the state is aware of the best and most cost-efficient solutions to meet their needs, and to frame our clients’ proposals to maximize their chances for selection.

Business to Business Development

Our firm has increasingly been called upon to help make business-to-business connections for our clients and help them market their goods or services. This is a growing practice area for our firm, and has been greatly enhanced by our national affiliation.

Political Analysis and Contributions

Our firm manages multiple political action committees that will contribute several hundred thousand dollars to candidates in each election cycle. We recommend that all of our clients support those candidates who are open to supporting them on their key issues. We also manage the regulatory and reporting process required in connection with these PAC’s.